hemispheres - the art of listening

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Hemispheres 2 CD set

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past project highlights

  • Receive credit listing on the Jim Hall/Bill Frisell duo CD
  • Design the cover!  Submit your own cover art - Jim and Bill will choose their favorite for the official release (11/1/08 contest closed - thanks to all who submitted!)
  • Receive an exclusive recording, performed live in the studio, by Bill and Jim specifically for you
  • Attend the mastering session in NYC (date/location TBA)
  • VIP access to Jim Hall and Bill Frisell performances
  • Get an inside look at the creative process and watch the recording come to life
   This project was completed on 6/15/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

In this exciting new project, The Art of Listening, fans will join legendary guitarist Jim Hall in an ongoing collaboration with other artists from the past, present and future.   Participants will be able to witness the creative process of Bill Frisell and Jim Hall together in the studio as a duo for the first time as well as submit their original artwork to Jim and Bill for a chance to be used as the album artwork.