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  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on my new CD: Robin Eubanks and Mental Images - Klassik Rock Vol. 1
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   This project was completed on 7/10/2014    read more
The original project description read as follows

I am very excited to share my debut ArtistShare® Project with you: Robin Eubanks and Mental Images - Klassic Rock: Vol. 1. For my first ArtistShare® project, I will be recording some of my original compositions as well as arrangements of some classic rock and funk tunes by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Sly Stone.

I am recording this music with an ensemble I call Robin Eubanks and Mental Images. This ensemble features a core group of outstanding musicians: Nate Smith on drums, Boris Koslov on bass, and Mike King on piano. In addition to the core ensemble, special guests for this recording include vocalist Corey Glover, my brother Kevin Eubanks, saxophonist Antonio Hart, percussionists David Silliman and Danny Sadownick, among others. My concept for this project is to record a small group album featuring my original compositions, while incorporating arrangements of classic rock tunes chosen from a wide range of music that I love. This album will feature some of my special electronic trombone effects and I'll be using a lot of compositional concepts that I've developed while working with Dave Holland's ensembles and the SF Jazz Collective.

Along the way, I will be sharing my creative process with you. As a participant in my exciting new ArtistShare® Project, you will take part in this creative journey with me from start to finish as I conceptualize and create the arrangements, assemble and rehearse the band, and record and produce the final result: the Klassik Rock Vol. 1 CD featuring my new music.You will get an insider's look into my approach to composition and improvisation through exclusive interviews, project updates, sketches of the music, online lessons, anecdotes, previews of the music from the album, and much more. I will document and share all of this with you through ArtistShare® via online streaming videos and audio shows, written project news updates, photo galleries, downloadable content, and more.

I look forward to taking this artistic journey together with you as I create this new music. Join me for my Klassik Rock: Vol. 1 CD Project today by selecting a Participation Offer which best suits you.