concert in the garden

evanescence cd (mail order)

Evanescence CD (mail order)



Ships to: Anywhere In the world

what you get

  • Evanescence CD via mail
  • A high-quality download of the Concert in the Garden recording (MP3 format) and accompanying downloadable album artwork
  • Access to the creative process behind the music through exclusive videos, audio shows, photo galleries, interviews, and more
   This project was completed on 7/1/2004    read more

'Evanescence' is available again. This was our first recording done in 1992 which has now been reissued in it's original format by ArtistShare. With this participant offer, you'll receive the mail order 'Evanescence' CD and a high quality download of 'Concert in the Garden' along with accompanying artwork files and assembly instructions. In addition, you'll receive photos from the 'Concert in the Garden' session, a one hour lecture Maria created based on questions coming from participants, along with various other items, including news entries Maria created while writing, rehearsing, and recording her latest album.