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  • Participants can receive credit listing on the ArtistShare┬« Project
  • Stories from people that knew Jim Hall, his neighbors, musicians, and friends
  • Access to some of Jim Hall and Red Mitchell's previously un-released recordings
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The original project description read as follows

Jim Hall had a profound impact on almost anyone he met. Not only was he influential to generations of musicians in all styles,he also connected with people in a very special way. He expressed a sincerity in the way he listened to people, just as genuine as the "Art of Listening" that he is so well known for in music.

For the first installment of the project, we are excited to share previously unreleased recordings of Jim Hall with bassist, Red Mitchell, on Valse Hot - Sweet Basil 1978. The original recording, Jim Hall/Red Mitchell, was released in 1978, produced by John Snyder and recorded by David Baker and Chip Stokes. Now with these newly discovered recordings, fans can re-visit these incredible nights of music and hear more fantastic musicianship from both Jim Hall and Red Mitchell.

Throughout this project, we will celebrate Jim Hall as both the guitar master and as a great human being. We will share stories from the people who knew Jim, his neighbors, family, musicians, and friends.

Some of the musicians, friends, and family that Jim worked with closely throughout his career have been involved in curating and selecting this music to be released for the first time.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating Jim Hall's music and life and thank you for being a part of this musical journey.

A special thank you to the following ArtistShare Premium Participants for becoming an integral part of bringing these unreleased recordings to life.

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Dave Marchant

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Peter Watrous

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Valse Hot - Sweet Basil 1978

Guitar - Jim Hall
Upright Bass - Red Mitchell
Produced by Brian Camelio and John Snyder
Engineered by David Baker and Chip Stokes
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Recorded live at Sweet Basil, NYC on January 18th and 19th, 1978