the dave peck music project

The Dave Peck Music Project

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Modern Romance (Mail Order Participant)

Modern Romance (Download Participant)

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The Sampler Download Participant (192 kbps Mp3)

Tales of the Pilot Mail Order Participant

Tales of the Pilot Download Participant (192 kbps MP3)

Good Road (Mail Order Participant)

Good Road Download Participant (192 kbps MP3)

Out of Seattle (Mail Order Participant)

Out of Seattle (Download Participant - 192 kbps MP3)

3 and 1 CD (Mail Order Participant)

3 and 1 (Download Participant - 192 kbps MP3)

Solo CD (Mail Order Participant)

Solo (Download Participant - 192 kbps MP3)

Trio CD (Mail Order Participant)

Trio (Download Participant - 192 kbps MP3)

past project highlights

  • Receive exclusive recordings, outtakes and unreleased tracks from Dave Peck
  • Listen to interviews and conversations between Dave Peck and colleagues from the Jazz industry with his "Dialogues in Jazz" Series
  • Sign up for the Musician Offer and receive the exclusive "Monologues in Jazz"


   This project was completed on 6/23/2005    read more
The original project description read as follows

Join Dave and explore the Great American Songbook through his recordings and conversations with industry friends.

Become a Musician Participant and listen in as Dave offers his insights on jazz harmony.

Visit the Participant Offer listings to see which offer you would like and get involved in the Dave Peck ArtistShare® Experience today!