ArtistShare® Submits Five Fan-Funded Albums For Consideration in the 59th Grammy® Awards

9/9/2016 - ArtistShare® Submits Five Fan-Funded Albums For Consideration in the 59th Grammy® Awards

ArtistShare® has submitted five new fan-funded albums for consideration in the 59th Grammy® Awards. Since the launch of the first project in 2003, ArtistShare® projects have received 10 Grammy® Awards and 29 Grammy® Nominations. Last year, ArtistShare artist, Maria Schneider won the Best Large Ensemble Recording Award for her fan-funded recording, The Thompson Fields (She also received a Grammy® for her work on David Bowie's single, "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)").

In 2005, ArtistShare's® first fan-funded project, Concert in the Garden by Maria Schneider, received a Grammy® for Best Large Ensemble, making it the first recording in Grammy® history to win an award without being available in traditional retail stores.

We are proud to announce that the following artists have been submitted to the 59th Grammy® Awards in numerous categories: Robin Eubanks and The Mass Line Big Band for More than Meets the Ear, The Clayton Brothers for Soul Brothers, Benjamin Koppel and Joe Lovano for The Mezzo Sax Encounter, Rale Micic, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, and Lage Lund for Inspired, and Gonzalo Grau for Pluralizate. You can check out an exclusive preview for some of our 59th Grammy award entries below.

Robin Eubanks and The Mass Line Big Band – More Than Meets the Ear

Trombonist and composer, Robin Eubanks, re-imagines original compositions from his work with Dave Holland, SF Jazz Collective, and other small groups for a large ensemble, The Mass Line Big Band. The band features a massive sound from 17 horns, pushing Robin's music to new places. This fan-funded project follows his creative process as he takes on a new musical journey.

The Clayton Brothers – Soul Brothers

In the fan-funded Soul Brothers project, The Clayton Brothers Quintet (John Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Terell Stafford, Gerald Clayton and Obed Calvaire) creates music that reflects a love of jazz, an American art form, as a love for family. This new fan-funded album features fresh music that acts as a prism through which one can hear life and familial experiences. The Clayton brothers are indeed Soul Brothers.

Benjamin Koppel and Joe Lovano - Mezzo Sax Encounter

The fan-funded The Mezzo Sax Encounter Project brought together award winning saxophonist, Benjamin Koppel, and Grammy® Award Winning saxophone legend, Joe Lovano, to perform on two Mezzo Soprano Saxophones built just for them. Recorded live during Valby Summer Jazz in 2015, the Mezzo Sax Encounter features a band of highly acclaimed musicians, including pianist Kenny Werner, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Johnathan Blake. This concert captured a meeting of two incredible musicians exploring a new instrument.

Rale Micic, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, Lage Lund- Inspired

Four guitarists, one inspiration - modern jazz guitar master Jim Hall. Inspired is a new fan-funded project that brought four of today’s top jazz guitarists together, creating an album of exciting duets and solo guitar music. John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, Lage Lund and Rale Micic - different styles, different, generations, different backgrounds, but all with one thing in common, a love and respect for modern jazz guitar.

Gonzalo Grau - Pluralizate
This fan-funded recording project features Gonzalo Grau and his group, Plural. The band is made up of musicians from across the globe, including players from New York, Boston, Venezuela, and Spain. Gonzalo's music brings together influences from the classical, jazz, and Latin world, defining all the experiences that have inspired Gonzalo to pursue this musical journey.