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niels lan doky

Featured Artist: Niels Lan Doky

Describe the moment when you realized you wanted to be a musician.

Niels: When I was 5 years old, I walked into our living room one day where my father (who is a classical guitarist) was playing a piece called Recuerdos De La Alhambra (or just Alhambra) by Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega and it became a pivotal point in my life: This was the first time I heard the piece and I clearly remember feeling that my body became like a bottle that gradually filled up, from the bottom up, with these incredibly beautiful notes coming out of my father’s guitar, note by note. It was at that time the most beautiful music that I have ever heard. It was pure magic and it was right there and then that I decided that I just had to learn how to play music.

AS: What was your most memorable experience as a music fan?

Niels: While I was in high school, seeing and hearing Oscar Peterson trio with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Joe Pass for 3 nights in a row in a jazz club in Copenhagen.

What was your most memorable experience with a fan (of yours)?

Niels: A Japanese fan that saw me play in Tokyo last year and subsequently travelled all the way to Copenhagen a few months later to see me again, and she brought wonderful gifts along from Japan. I told the audience about it and I spoke English rather than Danish all night so that the fan could follow.

AS: What was the inspiration or story behind your current ArtistShare project and tell us a little about the creative process.  

Niels: The story is that in 1985 when I was living in New York I did a most memorable gig at a small club called the Angry Squire in mid-town Manhattan, with a trio consisting of myself on piano, Ira Coleman on bass and Jeff "Tain" Watts on drums. I have hooked up with both of them on many occasions since then, but never together at the same time, so the idea came up of a Reunion of this particular trio, many years later, with decades of musical experience and life experience added, to see what would come out of it. At the moment I am writing the music and making pre-production demos and creating arrangements that are custom designed to give all 3 of us the best platform to express ourselves.
AS: Describe the latest creative process update you made to your project.

Niels: I uploaded some pre-production demos as this is generally always  a very important tool to me. I spent a lot of time and effort to come up with relatively precise and elaborate demos that sound close enough to the real thing to get a clear idea of the arrangement, the mood of the piece etc.

I think it will be interesting for the fans to hear these demos and compare with the final outcome on the actual recording so I am really happy for this opportunity at ArtistShare to be able to share this with the fans.

AS: If you could collaborate with any musician (dead or alive) and share the process with your fans, who would it be and why?

Miles Davis. Because I think he is, in my mind, the ultimate jazz musician. His music always involved so much risk taking and he was the master of being in the moment and transcending all boundaries and keeping the music vibrant and alive at all times.