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The ArtistShare Profile series features exclusive interviews with ArtistShare artists focusing on inspirations, current projects, and the creative process.

jon cowherd : part 1

Featured Artist: Jon Cowherd

Describe the moment when you realized you wanted to be a musician.

Jon Cowherd: That's a difficult one.  Music was in the house as far back as I can remember.  My father is a trombonist and educator and my mother is a vocalist and also an educator.  Supposedly I was singing very early and had an attraction to the family piano.  I guess I wanted to be a musician then?  My folks always took me to local concerts.  I remember thinking that I wanted to be up there doing what the musicians were doing.  During high school I considered other vocations but music really was always the one thing that I loved the most.  

AS: What was your most memorable experience as a music fan?

Jon: That's another difficult question to narrow down to just one answer.  I've had the pleasure of tagging along with Brian Blade to some amazing concerts.  Some of them he was playing on and some we were attending together.  An example of the latter is the time we waited in line for 6 hours to see Stevie Wonder and full band perform in an HMV record store.  He played for one and one half hours and it was unbelievable.  That's the only time I've gotten to see Stevie live.  

AS: What was your most memorable experience with a fan (of yours)?

Jon: One of the Bronze level fans is Alyssa Graham.  I produced her CD "Echo" and it was a great experience.  She is a singer with a beautiful voice and she and her husband Doug were awesome to work with.  We've also had some great experiences playing in Europe, Japan and various places in the US.

AS: What was the inspiration or story behind your current ArtistShare project and tell us a little about the creative process.
Jon: It was time for me to make a solo statement.  I really wanted to put a band together of folks that I really believed could make a beautiful statement together.  I've also loved the sound of piano and guitar playing melodies in unison.  I thought Bill Frisell would be an amazing choice and he was available.  John Patitucci and I had been friends for more than ten years and have enjoyed many times on the road and in the studio.  I knew he would be phenomenal.  Brian Blade has played my tunes since I first started writing them.  Has been my best friend since 1988 so, there was no other choice for drums.  Also, he happens to be one of the best drummers on the planet and I believe will go down in history as such.  Anyway, I decided to write some pieces for this ensemble.  I also had a few unrecorded things I wanted to try.  We found an available series of dates to track and i think the result was rather magical. 

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