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The ArtistShare Profile series features exclusive interviews with ArtistShare artists focusing on inspirations, current projects, and the creative process.

alex skolnick : part 2

Continued from Part 1

Describe the latest creative process update you made to your project.
Alex: We’ve recently posted a few Listening Guide videos. I may have chosen the songs and written words about them, but the real credit goes to Maddy Samaddar. She's an incredible renaissance woman –  an architect with projects built worldwide, also a great painter, graphic designer, writer and as demonstrated with these clips, a fine filmmaker/video producer as well.  These videos are true works of art that bring a flavor and character that is inspirational to all aspects of the project. We also have interviews and rehearsals in the works of some of our New York based collaborators as well as an interview with world music documentarian and Huffington Post blogger, Michal Shapiro. That interview will be our next update, followed by the musician interviews and rehearsal clips.
AS: If you could collaborate with any musician (dead or alive) and share the process with your fans, who would it be and why?
Alex: I would’ve loved the opportunity to be able to collaborate with Django Rheinhardt. To me, he represents everything that is exciting about the guitar and improvisation, world music or otherwise. Although he grew up in a caravan, he was able to create sounds that resonated and captured the imagination of all socio-economic classes, from his own Gypsy community, often struggling to get by, to the highest reaches of upper class society. His guitar playing had dazzling technique that never got in the way of the flavor and elegance of the music, only enhancing it. And as a "world" artist, his music managed to successfully fuse the passion of Spanish flamenco with the “joie de vivre” of Paris nightlife and the swing of American Jazz.